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Ayase is one of Satoru's classmates.
She's cheerful, responsible, and is loved and admired by everyone.
After she was interviewed as the result of a certain newsworthy incident, she became somewhat of an
internet sensation as a result of her looks. Her bust size is E--that's what her bio says, at least, but that's
a size she can only reach through extensive padding. Her breasts are truthfully a very modest size, so
E-cups are nothing more than a pipe dream for her. Her personality, like her breasts, is also fabricated.
The real Mitsukasa Ayase is a bit lazy, moody, and prefers shutting herself in her room over hanging out with others.
Nanami is Satoru's little sister, however, they hold no blood relation.
She's a sweet girl who excels at every aspect of housework. In terms of personality,
she's rather placid and subdued. She tends to be shy and reserved when first
meeting someone, but once she warms up to a person, she can be rather friendly.
In the organization, Nanami acts as Satoru's partner, providing him back-up during missions.
Despite the fact that she frequently bashes him for his rash decisions, she loves him dearly
and does her best to look after him. Little known by others, she also has a bit of a
chuunibyou side to her.
Mayu is an upperclassman of Satoru.
For a certain reason, she's purposefully stalling her graduation and repeating years.
Usually calm and composed, but there are times when her more childish,
attention-seeking side sneaks through.
Mayu has her own personal lab at the academy, which is where you can usually
find her doing research on astral abilities. She's very good at making coffee and
takes great pride in that skill of hers.
Hazuki is another classmate of Satoru's and she also happens to be the manager
of the dorm he lives in.
Her personality is best described as rigid. She's very duty-bound, and highly values
rules and proper behavior. That, combined with the fact that she's the dorm manager,
means that she often has to scold students for things, but they don't hold that against her.
She's very well-respected and well-loved by her peers. She's also a very big fan of
historical dramas and owns a respectable DVD collection of them.
Chisaki is a first-year student at Kikka Academy and a classmate of Nanami's.
She's incredibly bright and outgoing, which is seen in the fact that she made quick friends
with someone as shy and antisocial as Nanami.
She has a bit of a complex regarding her small body, which prevents her from wearing
more mature outfits, thinking she won't look good in them.
However, she still enjoys looking fashionable, so she takes great care in selecting her wardrobe.
Her keen interest in fashion also means that she enjoys giving advice to others and helping
them choose outfits.
Kyouhei is a classmate of Satoru's.
He's friendly, outgoing, and doesn't have a trace of timidness in his personality. He's generally pretty upbeat and kind, but the one thing that always gets him mad is when people mistake him for a girl because of his baby face and other feminine features. That being said, he's perfectly comfortable with the way he looks.
Kakimoto Kaori is Satoru's homeroom teacher.
She can come off as rather callous because of her stony demeanor, but she's actually very caring and compassionate as a teacher. If a student asks her a question, she always give a very thorough, detailed explanation. In addition to her job as teacher, she also does active research for the academy in the field of astron science.
Ryunosuke is the adoptive father of both Satoru and Nanami.
He both treats them and loves them like a real parent would. He earns his living by working at a cleaning company. Or that's what the official records say, at least. In reality, he works as chief of the secret organization that Satoru and others work for.
Ise Atsunori is the principal of Kikka Academy.
He's very pro-Astral in a society that's still rife with discrimination against them. He founded the academy with the hopes that it would help lead to the integration of Astrals into normal society.
Satoru is an orphan who was adopted by Arihara Ryunosuke back when he was still a kid. Nanami, who was likewise adopted by their dad, is his non-blood-related sister. He currently lives as a normal school student, but in truth, he works for his dad's organization as a secret agent.